How will my child be able to understand?

Throughout each thematic unit, new concepts are quickly previewed in English to activate background knowledge and prepare the students for what they will learn.  The teacher then uses the student’s background knowledge as a catalyst for teaching the content in Spanish. English is used at the end of the lesson and unit to check for understanding and clear up any misconceptions. Once content and vocabulary is taught in Spanish, students will have opportunities to continue to practice the skills and vocabulary learned in the unit throughout the year because our curriculum is spiral. Our staff is trained in using what have been proven to be the best practices and techniques for helping second language learners such as visual aids, gestures, modeling, slower speech, music and total physical response.  Using all of these strategies will ensure that your child does not feel lost, but understands what is being taught.  The more that your child comes and participates in the classroom, the more familiar he or she will become with the routines, vocabulary, and content.