Our Dual Language Method

The dual language method that we practice at Girasol Dual Language Preschool thoroughly prepares students for kindergarten, whether they will be placed in a traditional English speaking kindergarten or a bilingual kindergarten program. Students who participate in our program will learn preschool skills and content in both Spanish and English.

Our highly qualified educators use researched strategies and techniques for second language learners that create a safe learning environment for students with and without previous exposure to the Spanish language. We provide your child with abundant opportunities to be exposed to the Spanish language, Spanish literature, and practice daily routines in Spanish. Students in our program will learn the Spanish language through real world applications of listening to and participating in conversations, play, and music and learning new words and phrases in context. This is the most natural way how children learn to speak and understand language. It is how they learned their native language. With the methods we have implemented in our program, your child will be able to understand the content taught in Spanish and naturally acquire Spanish language skills at their own pace.

Most of the preschool skills and knowledge that our students acquire through the Spanish immersion component of our dual language program will transfer to English. However, some pre-kindergarten learning domains will require English instruction, participation and assessment. Our curriculum is meticulously created to provide our native English speaking students with opportunities that they would not have in a full Spanish immersion classroom. Each child will participate in English literacy lessons according to his or her level. The English component of our program also gives students opportunities to participate in developmentally appropriate conversations about what they are learning, understand and ask higher level thinking questions and gives the teachers a fuller picture of what the child is thinking or capable of doing.